Towel Warmer FAQ's

Towel Warmer FAQ's

Ozdingo sells a large range of Towel Warmers for hotels, spas or general home use. Below you will find some of our frequently asked questions:

What temperature will my towel warmer reach?

This will vary depending on the amount of towels in the unit and how wet the towels are.
The maximum temperature of your unit will also depend on the size you have purchased. Please read the below tables carefully to determine which model will best suit your needs.

How long does it take for UV Light to sterilize?

Uv light is effective in killing floating bacteria in as little as 10 seconds. We recommend using the UV light for at least 30 minutes at a time to complete the sterilization process.

What is the UVC wavelength?


My UV bulb isn't working?

Don't panic, the bulbs can come loose in transit and may not work when you first turn on the machine. You simply need to reconnect the bulb following the steps listed in "How do I change my UV bulb" and ensure the bulb is twisted all the way into place.

Can I use my sterilizer to sanitize electronics?

No, These are not safe to use to sterilize phones, laptops etc. These units are designed to sterilize tools and hairdressing utensils.

How do I clean my towel warmer?

Please Note: Please note due to the UV light sanitising action combined with wet towels or tools some unpleasant odour might occur during the sanitising process.
The machine should only be switched on for a maximum operating time of up to 8 hours. Please only leave towels in an operating machine for a maximum of 2 hours. Leaving towels in an operating machine for extended periods of time may cause discolouration and stiffness of the towel. Not adhering to all operating instructions may cause damage to the machine and void the warranty.

Important Note: Ongoing Care Instructions
  • Before your first use, please use a slightly wet towel to clean the towel warmer before first time using the machine (new towel warmers come with iron powder on the seals and inside the machine for protection).
  • Ongoing daily: You need to clean and wipe the machine daily, at the end of the day, after use.
  • Please note if you do not follow these instructions, there might be buildup over time inside the machine which might cause rusting to start sometime in the future or any other buildup result. Should that happen, please note we will not be liable.
  • What happens if you see a rust mark? Please use soft or mild rust cleaners or other natural options to remove rust by wiping gently.
  • Please ensure the unit is kept in a well ventilated area and not inside a cupboard or confined space.‚Äč

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