Branded TV Remote FAQ's

Branded TV Remote FAQ's

My remote isn't working when it arrived?

Please make sure you have inserted new batteries and that the light is flashing when you are pressing buttons. If the light is flashing then your remote is working and you just need to sync it to your TV.

How to Sync my remote to my TV?

Sometimes the remote doesn't work straight away. Have no worries there is many 'Group' codes on the remote that you can try. Please turn your remote over and follow the instructions for your brand and try each remote. The Red light will flash showing you that it is searching the codes and once it has found one please test ALL buttons are working.

If all the buttons aren't functioning, please try the next code until you find the one that works for your TV.

My remote won't Sync to my TV?

If you have tried all the 'Group' codes on the back of the remote and it still isn't working properly please check your 'TV Model' number and 'Brand' to make sure the remote that you have purchased is for the TV you own.

Please keep in mind these remotes 
  • Not compatible with S M A R T  TVs
  • Not compatible with U H D  TVs
  • Not compatible with P L A S M A  TVs
If you need any further help have no worries we can always help you  

Simply open a ticket with your order number and reason for returning here and we will help you arrange this hassle free.

If you have realised you have purchased the wrong remote for your TV you can send it back under our 30day money back policy. 

How can I reset my remote?

If your remote has suddenly stopped working with your tv it may be because it has accidentally been recoded. Please just remove the batteries for 10 seconds and reinsert the batteries then follow the steps to sync your remote.

If there is no red light flashing on your remote when you press a button please try inserting new batteries to reset.

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